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Intitulé du poste : Postdoctoral Position
Ville : Paris
Laboratoire/Institut : CiTCoM (Cibles Thérapeutiques et Conception de Médicaments), Université Paris Cité, Faculty of pharmacy, Paris

Our laboratory develops and exploits the modularity and the high degree of addressability of self-assembled DNA nanostructures as a biosynthetic tool to probe fundamental aspects of biology. Some of our studies include: the creation of molecular imaging template for single-particle cryo-Electron Microscopy (cryo-EM); the construction of bio-inspired systems; and dynamic molecular systems for biosensing applications.
Description du poste : DNA Origami Molecular Tools to Investigate and Interact with Biological Systems

Development and implementation of new molecular tools based on DNA nanotechnology for the study of biological systems.

The recruited postdoc will develop two main projects:
(1) the creation of a molecular template to hold proteins to facilitate molecular imaging by
single-particle cryo-Electron Microscopy (cryo-EM);
(2) the development of DNA-based nano-machines and nano-robots as a drug delivery vehicles.

Qualification : We are looking a highly motivated recent PhD graduate with expertise in Nanotechnology,
Biophysics, or Structural Biology, and a strong interest in applying this knowledge to biology.
Enthusiastic and motivated applicants should have a strong background in Biophysics, Structural Biology or Biochemistry. Experience in the field of Electron Microscopy is highly desirable.

Durée du contrat:
Full-time 24-month position

Procedure pour candidater: Candidates are invited to submit a complete CV with a list of publication, a
motivation letter, and two references send letters of recommendation to Nersine Aissaoui
Personne à contacter :

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