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20 - 24 Novembre 2023, Cargese


We are pleased to announce the 9th edition of the Algorithms in Structural Bioinformatics (AlgoSB) winter school. The aim of AlgoSB is to introduce advanced methods in Structural Bioinformatics in the largest sense, giving special attention to interdisciplinary approaches.  This year's focus will be on modeling in cryo-electron microscopy.

Each day's course consists of a lecture in the morning followed by a practical session on the participants' computers in the afternoon.
The topics of the classes are the following (details at https://project.inria.fr/algosb2023/lectures/)

I The image alignment problem
  Carlos Oscar Sozano – National Center of Biotechnology, Madrid, Spain

II  From raw data to context
    Christian Dienemann – MPI Gottingen, Germany

III  Combining molecular dynamics and cryo-EM
     Pilar Cossio – Flatiron Institute, New-York, USA

IV  Flexibility in cryo-EM reconstruction
    Johannes Schwab – Cambridge Univ, England

V Hybrid methods for analyzing conformational variability in cryo-EM and cryo-Et data
  Slavica Jonic – CNRS, France

The school will take place at Institut d'Études Scientifiques de Cargèse - Université de Corse (https://iesc.universita.corsica/), Corsica.

The AlgoSB school is targeted towards PhD students, postdocs, and junior researchers from public research institutions and industry, both in France and internationally. This school is limited to 35 participants.  It is expected that all will participate for the duration of the school.
Female participants are especially encouraged to participate.

A one-page application (pdf format) should be sent by e-mail to algosb with the Subject "AlgoSB application”.
The application should provide a mini-vitae or a pointer to the full vitae, a brief presentation of the applicant’s research interests, and a description of how the offered courses can benefit their work.

Application deadline: July 28, 2023
Confirmation of participation:mid August
Registration: late August 2023

Registrations fees (*):
- free for CNRS agents (NB: the school is a CNRS thematic school),
- 1000 euros regular rate (non-academic),
- 600 euros for researchers and professors from Public Research Institutions and Universities,
- 400 euros for post-doctoral students,
- 350 euros for PhD students.

The registration fee includes housing at the IESC, lunches and coffee breaks.
* Registration fees may be reduced if more sponsors are identified,
   and will be waived if the school is required to take place virtually.


Organization Committee
        Frédéric Cazals, Inria Sophia-Antipolis-Méditerranée
        Isaure Chauvot-de-Beauchêne, LORIA-CNRS
        Allison Ballandras-Colas, IBS-CNRS, Grenoble

Scientific Committee
        Frédéric Cazals, Inria Sophia-Antipolis-Méditerranée
        Isaure Chauvot-de-Beauchêne, LORIA-CNRS
        Juan Cortés, LAAS-CNRS
        Yann Ponty, Ecole Polytechnique
        Charles H. Robert, LTB-CNRS