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Intitulé du poste : PhD Position
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Laboratoire/Institut : CRM2 - Universite de Lorraine

Description du poste : Structure and dynamics of photosensitive hybrid materials: Method development Host-guest systems, like the metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) that are used as host for photosensitive compounds, established a new area of research focusing on the design of smart materials to form functional switch@MOF composites. These molecules can be reversibly transformed between two or more photoisomers by light irradiation. Since the light induced structural changes cause alterations in absorption properties (color change), dipole moment and/or refractive index, they can be implemented in data storage or memory devices. Among the many known switchable dyes, spiropyrans and spirooxazines are of great potential regarding their combined photochromic and solvatochromic response upon UV light irradiation. The main goal of this project is to establish a robust analytical workflow combining experimental (total scattering and spectroscopies), modelling (EPSR), and theoretical methods (DFT-B) to fully characterize the structure and dynamics of such (partially) disordered host-guest systems to derive the structure-property relationship. By this, optical characteristics of the overall material are linked to the structural properties. The targeted photosensitive guest molecules are either purely organic substances or metal-nitrosyl compounds . Both material classes exhibit photoisomerism and the corresponding changes in the optical properties are of interest in applications. More information on the flyer.

Qualification: The PhD candidate must be graduated in Physics and or Material Science. She (He) must show a strong motivation to carry out both experimental and numerical simulation works in collaboration with different research teams. An experience in crystallography, total scattering and numerical simulation would be greatly appreciated. The candidate must be open-minded and curious, able to learn by her (him) self through bibliographic studies.

Durée du contrat : 3 years
Date de prise de fonction : 2024-10-01

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