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La 10ème conference internationale BioXFEL s'est tenu à Porto-Rico du 16 au 18 mai 2023.
Voici le compte-rendu du congrès du doctorant, qui avait obtenu une bourse de l'AFC pour y participer, et dont le poster présenté a obtenu un prix.

The experience I gained from participating in this prestigious event has been truly invaluable and has had a profound impact on my professional growth and development. The BIOXFEL conference provided a unique platform for me to interact with leading experts and researchers in the field of biophysics and XFEL science. The knowledge shared during the sessions and discussions was incredibly insightful and has broadened my understanding of the latest advancements in the field. The conference also fostered collaboration and networking, allowing me to establish connections with fellow researchers and potential collaborators.

I am happy to inform you that my poster presentation named ‘Guanosine-based hydrogel as a new injection matrix for serial femtosecond crystallography’ presented in the conference was recognized with one of the best poster prizes. Winning this award not only boosts my confidence but also validates the efforts I have put into my research.
None of this would have been possible without the financial support provided by the AFC.
Your support enabled me to cover the conference registration fees and accommodation, ensuring my participation in this significant scientific gathering.

Ronald Rios-Santacruz, IBS, Grenoble