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L'Association Européenne de Cristallographie (ECA) organise depuis 2021 des "webinaires déjeuner". Les groupes d'intérêt spéciaux (SIG) et les groupes d'intérêt général (GIG) de l'ECA organisent à tour de rôle un webinaire adapté à la communauté des cristallographes au sens large. Le 13ième webinaire sera diffusé le 7 juillet 2022 à 13h. Le thème de ce webinaire est  Probing nano-sized objects by (grazing-incidence) small angle scattering and coherent X-ray diffraction imaging (Alain Gibaud, Université du Maine, France). Inscriptions ici.

Small angle scattering  is a technique that is used to look at the morphology and the electron density of not necessarily long-range ordered nm to μm sized objects in contrast to wide angle scattering techniques which are usually applied to crystallized materials organized at the ångström scale. Since the founding studies of Guinier, Debye, Kratky and Porod in the 30thies and 40thies of the last century, small angle scattering techniques have been applied to a many different systems ranging from biomolecules to surfactants, polymers and alloys.

Alain Gibaud (University of Le Mans, France) gives an overview of the basics of small angle scattering techniques as well as recent developments such as grazing incidence small angle scattering for nano-objects on surfaces and coherent X-ray diffraction imaging on single particles. He will present practical applications such as the microstructure of triblock polymers in water and ethanol, the mechanism of CaCO3 precipitation, and the microstructure of marin coccolithophorids.


Holger Stark