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L'Association Européenne de Cristallographie (ECA) organise depuis 2021 des "webinaires déjeuner". Les groupes d'intérêt spéciaux (SIG) et les groupes d'intérêt général (GIG) de l'ECA organisent à tour de rôle un webinaire adapté à la communauté des cristallographes au sens large. L'onzième webinaire sera diffusé le 12 mai 2022  et s'inscrit dans le thème de  SIG-13 - Molecular structure and chemical properties. Le thème de ce webinaire est Turning weakness into strength: supramolecular interactions in crystals (Chiara Massera, University of Parma, Italy). Inscriptions ici.

Weak interactions have acquired importance in the scientific community over the last two decades. They have proved to be an essential feature in determining the chemical and physical properties of materials, influencing their three-dimensional structure, reactivity, organization, and biological activity. The number of papers and reviews dedicated to the crystallographic and theoretical study and analysis of hydrogen and halogen bonds, π···π and C—H···π interactions, just to cite a few, has grown exponentially over the years, underlining the applicability and usefulness of weak interactions to a wide range of scientific disciplines. Indeed, weak interactions are essential in the formation of inclusion compounds, in the self-assembly of host–guest molecular complexes, in molecular recognition, in the study of polymorphism, co-crystals, phase transitions and charge density. The mastering of supramolecular interactions can help to rationally design materials endowed with specific properties and it is an essential tool in crystal engineering. This talk will highlight the importance of structural analysis in understanding weak interactions in the solid state with examples taken from the literature and from personal research.


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