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5 février 2024, ESRF, Grenoble


Upcoming half-day tutorial on the Structure-to-Solution (SOS) Pipeline, entitled "Demystifying the Structure-to-Solution (SOS) Pipeline: A Comprehensive Tutorial on Its Current Components."

Please note that the tutorial, scheduled for February 5th, from 14:00 to 16:30, is designed as a hybrid event, accommodating a maximum of 20 participants onsite and 20 participants online.


If you are keen on leveraging the capabilities of high-resolution cryo-EM but face challenges in sample preparation, our SOS Pipeline stands ready to assist you. We cordially invite you to participate in our hybrid meeting, where we will demonstrate how the SOS Pipeline can elevate your research.

You will gain valuable insight into the full potential of the SOS Pipeline with guidance from our beamline scientists. In addition, you will hear first-hand experiences from fellow SOS users who have achieved remarkable results through their utilization of the pipeline. Take a moment to learn how to maximize the benefits of this pipeline for your cryo-EM research.

This tutorial is part of ESRF User Meeting, 2024. If you are interested to join us on-site, registration details can be found here. Deadline for on-site registration is 15th January.

And, if you are interested in joining online, please write to Eaazhisai Kandiah