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Perenne Nil Nisi Solidum

La 18ème edition de l'European Conference on Solid State Chemistry s'est tenu à Prague du 9 au 12 juillet 2023.
Voici le compte-rendu du congrès d'une doctorante, qui avait obtenu une bourse de l'AFC pour y participer, et qui y a présenté son travail lors d'une communication orale.


During my second year of doctoral studies at the Institute of Chemical Sciences in Rennes, specializing in the field of crystallography, I had the privilege of receiving a young researcher grant awarded by the AFC (French Association of Crystallography). This grant enabled me to participate in the 18th edition of the "European Conference of Solid-State Chemistry" (ECSSC2023). This conference welcomed 189 researchers and doctoral students from 28 different countries. During this event, I had the opportunity to present my thesis work in an oral presentation titled "Structural analyses and properties of complex sulphides in the Cr-Sn-S system." It was a wonderful experience to share my research with the European solid-state chemistry community, and the discussions that followed my presentation were extremely enriching, providing intriguing perspectives for my future research.

The conference offered a wide range of topics in the fields of chemistry, physics, and crystallography. This allowed me to broaden my knowledge about new compounds (ex: oxides, chalcogenides, silicates...) as well as new synthesis methods and characterization techniques (3DED, TEM, PDF investigation…).
ecssc1 group

These five days spent in Prague provided me with the opportunity to meet numerous stakeholders in the research field, including researchers, postdoctoral fellows, doctoral students, and representatives from companies. These meetings were beneficial as they allowed me to expand my professional network and establish some contacts for my future career as a postdoctoral researcher.


Florentine GUIOT, Equipe Chimie du Solide et des Matériaux (CSM), Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes (UMR 6226)