14-15 septembre 2017 - Pessac

bandeau 11Oxides constitute the most versatile class of inorganic materials, and single crystals provide superior as well as homogeneous properties. Such crystals are used e.g. as optical, piezoelectric, or laser materials, and as substrates for piezoelectric and oxide electronic applications. As oxide crystals appear in many crystallographic structures and can be formed  from nearly every element in the periodic table, the preparation of novel  materials as well as the improvement of their structural quality is key for providing materials with improved or even novel characteristics. This workshop under the auspices of the German Society of Crystal Growth (DGKK) and the CNRS network CRISTECH brings together scientists and scholars from industry, research labs, and universities to present and discuss the recent advances in the field of oxide crystals, dielectric materials, laser and non-linear optical crystals, solid-state lasers, and related topics. After taking place in the ISL in Saint-Louis (France), the FEE in Idar-Oberstein (Germany) and the Leibniz Institute for Crystal Growth (IKZ),  this 6th workshop 2017 is held in ICMCB-CNRS  Bordeaux/Pessac, France.

For abstract submission and registration go to the offical website.

Cet atelier est parrainé par l'Association Française de Cristallographie.

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