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Intitulé du poste : Doctoral student – Absolute configuration determination by the development of X-ray diffraction methods adapted to polycrystalline thin films
Ville : Brussels
Laboratoire/Institut : Université Libre de BruxellesGraz University of Technology
Description du poste : Context: CHISUB is an ambitious collaborative research project that span over 4 years (2022-2025) and that puts together 6 research groups from Belgium, The Netherlands, and Austria. CHISUB features a multidisciplinary approach, towards crystallization mechanisms of molecules, which uses chiral symmetry breaking as local probe of ordering phenomena and as a tool for enantiomeric separation. Crystallization often starts on surfaces of rigid substrates with the formation of 2D self-assembled molecular layers and then extends to bulk phases. CHISUB intends to design, synthesize, and characterize a library of molecular systems tailored to break chiral symmetry at different time- and length-scales. These systems will be studied by scanning probe microscopy at 2D and by electron microscopy and diffraction techniques when extending to 3D. Chiral symmetry breaking towards specific handedness will be directed by external stimuli, such as a combination of electric and magnetic fields, spin polarization, and even rotation of molecular machines. Theoretical and experimental studies will be carried out in synergy to explore ordering phenomena and chiral selectivity processes from first principles and reach a fundamental understanding beyond specific systems
ULB and TUGraz open a joint doctoral position that will lead to a double diploma. The selected candidate will start to fabricate thin films of molecular materials at ULB, during two years. Then, he/she will pursue the research project by assessing absolute configurations with anomalous X-ray diffraction methods. The total duration is four years.

Benefits: Tax free fellowship of around €2000
Eligibility criteria: Academic excellence, laboratory skills, oral and written communication skills, ability to team work, social skills, dedication, critical and rational thinking.To register to the doctoral program, the candidate must have been awarded a master degree in chemistry or physics that is equivalent to the ones delivered by ULB and TUGraz. Applicant must have received a twofold theoretical and experimental education.
Selection process: To apply, candidates must send to Prof. Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser., a letter explaining his/her motivations, a Curriculum Vitae, a copy of bachelor and master diplomas, a list of publications (if any), three recommendation letters from former supervisors, and a comprehensive transcript of notes obtained at bachelor and master levels. Applications will be shared with Prof. Roland Resel.
Additional comments: Applicants who have received an education in chemistry or physics from high-ranked universities will be preferred. Candidates must be fluent in English, additional knowledge of French and/or German will be appreciated.
Research fields: Physical chemistry
Years of research experience: 0-4 years
Required education level: Master in chemistry or physics
Skills & qualifications: A talented highly motivated young scientist with a master degree in chemistry or physics is actively searched. The candidate must have a solid scientific background, be hard at work, easy-going, rigorous, proactive, and have strong laboratory skills.
Durée du contrat : 4 years
Date de prise de fonction : mid 2022
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