Intitulé du poste : PhD position at IBS
Ville : Grenoble
Laboratoire/Institut : Institut de Biologie Structurale
Description du poste : Development of ultrastable fluorescent proteins markers for quantitative super resolution microscopy at cryogenic temperature. A major development in the super-resolution microscopy field is « cryo-nanoscopy », which will offer several key advantages, notably optimal preservation of biological samples and perspectives for correlative studies with cryo-EM. To do so, it is necessary to engineer a fluorescent marker being « photoactivatable » at liquid-nitrogen temperature. The project will concentrate on developing such a marker, based on fluorescent proteins of the GFP family. The work will notably involve advanced X-ray crystallography, spectroscopy and single-molecule cryo-imaging to investigate the complex photophysics of fluorescent proteins at cryo temperatures. The project will be carried out in collaboration with the group of J. Enderlein (Göttingen, Germany), expert in optics, and with a local team (I. Gutsche, IBS), expert in cryo-electron tomography.
Durée du contrat : 3 years
Date de prise de fonction : 01-10-2018
Personne à contacter : Dominique Bourgeois
Téléphone : +33 (0)4 57 42 86 44
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