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18-22 juillet 2022 - Lyon

bsi2021 logoIMA 2022 is the conference of minerals and of space, with alternate sessions on traditional mineralogy and on planetary sciences. This will be the common workplace for mineralogists to confer about the discovery of the latest minerals, about the properties of minerals, about analytical techniques, or about the roles of minerals in the modern society.

We wish to welcome you at the 23rd International Mineralogical Association General Meeting in Lyon, France, where we will paint mineralogy with the colours of space exploration. Alongside the more traditional mineralogy, we want to inspire the new generation and make a step closer toward the final frontier.

In 2022, we honour the bicentennial of the death of the most famous French mineralogist René Just Haüy. The French Society for Mineralogy and Crystallography wishes to associate the International Mineralogical Association in this celebration by hosting the 23rd IMA General Meeting in France. The French Association of Micromineralogy (AFM), which is the major discoverer of new minerals in France, joins us in this effort to offer a memorable happening.