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Postdoctoral Position(s) - Mechanisms of Assemblies Formation Essential to Muscle Function

Ville : Grenoble
Laboratoire/Institut :

EMBL Grenoble specializes in fundamental research in structural biology, and in developing state-of-the art instrumentation, methods and services. The site is located on the dynamic European Photon and Neutron science campus (EPN campus), together with other international and French research institutions.

We are recruiting a highly motivated Post-Doctoral Scientist to join the Head of Unit’s Research Group at EMBL Grenoble, Kristina Djinovic Carugo. The Djinovic group is interested in the molecular mechanisms underlying the architecture and assembly of muscle sarcomeres, particular Z-discs.

The sarcomere - the basic contractile unit of myocytes - assembles from nascent actin-rich Z-bodies into paracrystalline multiprotein structures called Z-discs. Yet, the assembly rules and protein components regulating these complex structures remain largely unknown. We recently discovered that two main Z-disc proteins form phase-separated liquid condensates in vitro, which gives rise to the exciting hypothesis that phase separation is the driving force behind Z-disc assembly by bringing together its proteins to facilitate interactions.

Djinovic Group is a member of the collaborative project “From disorder to order: mechanism of specialised assemblies formation essential for muscle function” supported by HFSP Award. Its aim is to investigate how highly ordered sarcomeric Z-disc structure arises from disordered Z-bodies. We will determine the biophysical and structural principles underlying sarcomere cytoskeleton assembly in biogenesis, molecular components, and regulators and integrate the data into a 4D multiscale integrative molecular model.

The collaborative team united by HFSP Award will capitalise on complementary and synergistic expertise in structural biology and modelling (Kristina Djinovic Carugo, EMBL Grenoble; France and Toshiyuki Oda, University of Tokyo, Japan), advanced imaging (Jonas Ries, University of Vienna, Austria) and cardiovascular development and disease (Travis Hinson, The Jackson Laboratory, Farmington, CT, USA) and adopt a multifaceted and multiscale approach to tackle the central questions on sarcomere cytoskeleton assembly in biogenesis at the molecular and structural level.

Description du poste :

Your role

You will embark on an exciting journey to decipher the structures of selected reconstituted complexes and macromolecular condensates using an integrative structural biology approach, which encompasses molecular biophysics characterisation, combined with small angles X-ray scattering, macromolecular crystallography, and cryo-electron microscopy/tomography, depending on their size and dynamics. As a team member, you will play a crucial role in uncovering the detailed biophysical and structural principles that regulate complex assembly. Joining collaborative efforts, you will contribute to the generation of a 4D multiscale integrative molecular model.

Date limite de candidature  31 octobre 2023
Durée du contrat  3 ans
 Procedure pour candidater  https://www.embl.org/jobs/apply/?jobId=QHPFK026203F3VBQB688N79SB-6738&langCode=en_GB