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Intitulé du poste : Postdoctoral position to join the Structural Mobility team

Ville : Curie Institute Paris, France.

Laboratoire/Institut : 'Structural Motility team directed by Anne Houdusse
Our team studies the mechanism and function of force production by molecular motorsand has made important discoveries on how force generation can power cellular processes in human health and how mutations in their function lead to disease.  A multi-disciplinary approach that combines structural biology (x-ray and cryoEM), chemical biology and cell biology is being used in our studies.  With such an approach, we decipher how molecular motors produce force by visualizing yet unknown structural states, or by understanding how their activity is regulated. We use chemical biology and cell biology approaches to test insights from structures.  We also investigate and develop specific modulators of the force generated by these motors (including compounds in phase 3 clinical trials) toguide the development ofnew therapies.  
Website: Structural Motility Team     

Description du poste :

We are looking for anexpert in structural determination via X-ray crystallography or cryoEM studies. The project aimsto gaininsights on molecular motors, in particular for how their cellular role is defined and how they can be targeted in the context of novel therapies against human diseases.  The position will also lead to the development ofchemical biology tools and drug candidates.Our team indeed innovateto investigate and understand molecular mechanisms in cells.

Activities By joining our team, the post-doctoral fellow will be given opportunities to direct research for challenging and important biological questions requiring cryoEM approaches and will increase his/her knowledge on the cytoskeletal by functional and cellular studies.  He or she will have access to all the equipment and software necessary for solving X-ray and CryoEM structures, including a brand new 200 kV Glacios electron microscope equipped with a Falcon 4 camera at the Curie Institute.

Formation requise et compétences clés We are looking to recruit and train a dynamic and motivated candidate who is eager to gain independence and take the lead on one of our exciting scientific projects.  Experience in molecular dynamics or cell biology is a plus. 

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If you are interested, please send a CV and a statement of research interests and goals as well as three letters of recommendation from your previous employers.

Personne à contacter :
Anne Houdusse