Intitulé du poste : Postdoctoral position in structural biochemistry
Ville : Vandœuvre-les-Nancy
Laboratoire/Institut : IMoPA - UMR 7365
Description du poste : A postdoctoral research position is available in the research group of Xavier Manival at the University of Lorraine (IMoPA laboratory,, Nancy, France, as part of a dynamic team (co-directed by B. Charpentier and I. Motorine) investigating the structure and function of RNA and RNP. snoRNPs are present in Archaea and Eukarya and are among the most ancient non-coding RNPs. They are divided into two families, the box C/D and box H/ACA. snoRNPs play essential roles during ribosomal RNA biogenesis. Most of them catalyze sequence-specific modifications of the rRNA, 2'-O-methylation for the C/D snoRNP and pseudo-uridinylation for the H/ACA one.

The postdoctoral project is to decipher the mechanism of the box C/D snoRNP biogenesis by characterizing, at the functional and structural level, assembly pre-complexes to elucidate the role of individual molecular features on the box C/D snoRNP components. Solution NMR spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction will be complemented with cryo-microscopy building on our previous expertise with these RNA-protein systems (Quinternet et al., 2016; Bizarro et al., 2014; Rothe et al., 2014; Back et al., 2013).

The research position is co-funded by french national agency for research (ANR) and the great-East region for 1 year (possibility of 6 more months), starting from January/February/March 2018. Salary will be in the range of €31K/year (gross).

The successful candidate will join an interdisciplinary team of molecular, cellular, and structural biologists. The project will be carried out in close collaboration with other groups as part of an ANR network. We offer a biological/medical environment with structural infrastructure ideal for studying the relationship between structure and function. Our facilities for integrated structural biology include 600 MHz NMR spectrometer with cryogenic probe head, a high-throughput crystallization screening, X-ray diffractometer, and a biophysics core facility (ITC, DLS, CD, SPR, etc).

Applications and informal queries about the research project and the lab should be directed by email to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.. We are looking for a colleague that is highly motivated, scientifically independent and creative, and capable of contributing to a team environment. Interested applicants require a Ph.D. in structural biology, biochemistry, or related fields. Applicants must have an excellent grasp of up-to-date molecular techniques, as well as the production and purification of recombinant proteins from E. coli and/or other organisms (as yeast or insect cells for example) for structural biology. Expertise in at least one of the following areas is mandatory: protein or RNA biochemistry, X-ray diffraction, and cryo-microscopy. Applications should include a cover letter summarizing current and future research interest, a CV publication list, and contact information for at least two references.
Durée du contrat : 12 (+6 mois)
Date de prise de fonction : 15-01-2018
Personne à contacter : Xavier Manival
Téléphone : 0628640276
Email : Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.